Orcs that play metal.

Hail Gzoroth!

Our First Show Since the Madness at the Core of Time Tour, April 3rd


Did you miss us, humans? We’re back from Hirntodia! We’ll be performing our first raid since the Madness at the Core of Time Tour in 2013.  This time we tear up the stage with the legendary thrash-punk crossover masters Dirty Rotten Imbeciles at the Back Bar in San Jose, CA with our allies in Angerhead, the King Must Die, and Cultural Warfare.  We’ve made some changes in the last year and can’t wait to reveal them to you.  A hint: since the tragic second and final death of Zombie Orc Guitarist Hulg ElfR.I.P.per and the madness resulting from finding the Yellow Sign of former WarChief and vocalist Gogog Bloodthroat that lead to his being cursed to roam the blasted doomscape of Hirntodia chasing ghosts and demons, we’ll be introducing you to a new orc, the latest member of the Gore-Stained Axe Tribe and A Band of Orcs’ line-up to assault your frail human eardrums.  Be there!

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